All in Reflections

Today, my family and I went up to Game of Thrones country, on the Antrim coast of Northern Ireland. The first stop was The Giant's Causeway. It had been 8 years since my wife and I were last there, and it would be the first time that our sons will have seen the UNESCO World Heritage site. 

The National Trust visitor centre was very impressive, and something that was not there when we last visited. The sleek modern columns of the building was a contemporary interpretation of the geological rock formations of the causeway. Also, the grass-covered curved roof echoed the National Trust's commitment to conserving the environment.  

Why bother preparing a meal from scratch, when you can microwave a ready meal in a fraction of the time? Similarly, some artists prefer to use existing images rather than their own. They 'take' photographs instead of making photographs. And why wouldn't they? We live in a digital world where Shore (2014: 7) believes that, "The online environment is a key hunting-ground for acts of creative, transformative borrowing."