Assignment 3 ideas

Assignment 3 ideas


Over the last few weeks, I have been trying to refine my ideas for the critical review. I’ve found a number of images which have been reused in the media. These images have been taken from their original contexts and used to provide a visual cue to a more recent news item. 

At first, I had thought about exploring how the photographer is able to manipulate the subject and message of a photograph within the camera. However, as I enquirer more about this, I found myself finding images that had been used to accompany unintended news items. With fake news being a regular feature in today’s digital culture, it seems to be a worth exploring further. 

So far, my research has led me to the question: Can the networked image be believed? In order to answer this, I have started to find out about the undecidability of the digital image and whether this influences the idea of truth when using historic images to illustrate a current news story.  

Now I need to organise the notes that I have made into a structure for the essay. Anything which I don’t include could possibly be used in future blog posts. 

The Digital Condition of Photography

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