A critical review of Assignment 3

If a picture really does say a thousand words, then all I need is two and a half photographs for my critical review!  

After a few weeks of reading and research, I am putting together the final version of my assignment.  It has taken a lot of time to come up with a question to answer.

During my tutorials, my tutor and I discussed how the photographer manipulates both subject and message. This led me to research about the intention of the photographer and how this influenced the final photograph. Although the course is based on digital manipulation, I was intrigued to find out more about how the photographer is able to manipulate an image 'in camera'. 

My research led me to how photographers / editors select particular images for the messages that they convey, at the expense of other images which might be less convincing, and in some cases contradictory. Many of these examples included political images, which ultimately led me to 'fake news' and how some images had been used to mislead. 

My tutor had suggested focussing my review on one image. However, one of the problems with my research was the there were so many to choose from. 

Eventually, I selected 3 particular images which I felt developed issues that I wanted to explore further. 

The Photograph as Object

Exercise 3.2: Digitising atrocity