Assignment 4 (Revisited)

Although I have submitted my 4th assignment to my tutor and received my feedback, it feels as though I need to include this post to explain how my 5th assignment has developed.  

Following my tutorial, I started to investigate how I could save an image file multiple times in order to corrupt it. Despite searching the web for an answer, I found it difficult to find out how to produce a series of actions that would create the effect. Also, the jpegs are such high resolution that it would take a long time to manually corrupt them by saving them over and over again. 

Despite this problem, I really liked my tutor’s idea of manually corrupting the file, rather than simply applying a filter to superimpose an effect.  

Of course, I could use Photoshop to manually destroy the original image, however I wanted to really get into the image. To alter its very structure from within its raw data.  

It was whilst I was searching for a way to automate saving an image multiple times, that I came across data bending. This is a technique that I’d like to explore further in future blog posts.