Course pre-conceptions

Digital Image and Culture will be my second level 2 photography course with the OCA. Having recently completed Level 2: Landscape, I was aware of how photo manipulation and animation influenced the direction of some of my assignments. It was during this worry that I discovered composite images. I found it very motivating to create unique images, instead of replicating the same view witnessed by the photographer before me.

The digital image is an integral part of our everyday life, such as adverts, explanation, navigation and communication. Even emojis enable us to depict what we want to say. If this acceptance and adoption of communicating by image continues, it is possible that it could become the primary language of the entire world. 

Now that that I have received my course material, I will have a quick read through my file to get an overview of the exercises and assignments. I am also looking forward to building on the work in did for Digital Photographic Practice and reflecting on my own digital life.