A few glitches

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Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 23.12.17.png

Following my tutorial for Assignment 4, I had been trying to set Photoshop to save an image multiple times, so that it can become corrupted. However I couldn’t find out how to achieve this. 

After taking so much care to protect my images, I found it ironic that I was now trying to ruin my images! 

Whilst watching TV, I noticed how sometimes the signal was broken, causing the screen to pixelate and glitch. Intrigued, I began to wonder how I could purposely create the same effect with my images.  

By opening a jpeg in Text Editor on the Mac, I was able to see rows and rows of characters. The software had interpreted the image into text. Therefore, by copying, deleting and inserting more text, I was able to manipulate the image above. 

As well as randomly typing text, I have started to think about inserting specific text, such as song lyrics and quotes. I am planning to develop this approach further. 

My understand of the file is that the top of the text related to the top of the image. There is also a header and footer which contain meta data for the entire image. Subsequently, I must avoid deleting or altering that information.  

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team low res_glitched.png
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Saved at 60% resolution

Saved at 60% resolution

All of us.jpg
The path to corruption

The path to corruption