Image Matters

After finding out that I had passed my L2 Landscape course, I have finally decided to take the plunge and sign up for 'Digital Image and Culture'. When I began my photographic journey with the OCA, it was the 'Landscape' unit that I most wanted to complete. I love being outdoors and taking photographs, so it really appealed to me. However, by the time I had completed the L4 courses, the Landscape module had been totally revamped and rewritten by Jesse Alexander. 

Now that I have finished 'Landscape', I find myself having to decide which direction I should choose next. Despite saying finished Landscape, I realise that in some ways my enthusiasm for the genre will continue develop in my photographic practice. It was during Landscape that I came across the work of Stephanie Jung and Pep Ventosa. Multiple exposure images really appealed to me. I liked the creative process that was involved and how the outcome produced an image that was like no other.

It was whilst I was completing my last assignment, that I came across 'Digital Image and Culture'. The fact that it didn't exist when I began my degree is proof just how progressive photography is. This new course is very much a new chapter in my own photographic practice. Whilst the boundaries of photography are being pushed further, the age old debate about whether photography is art continues to rage on.

Now that we live in the digital age of the smart phone and the Internet, everyone is a photographer. I am intrigued to delve deeper into the psyche of the selfie-taking, social network posters. We are surrounded by an ever-increasing amount of digital imagery, for an ever-increasing amount of exposure to it. I am intrigued to find out where I stand in terms of current photographic behaviours.

Despite passing my Landscape module, one of the main criticisms of my assessment submission was the quality of outcome. This might have been because I hadn't really considered how my assignment work would be presented at assessment. Naively, I was thinking in terms of a level 1 student, instead of a level 2. Hopefully, I have learnt my lesson and will adopt a much more considered approach to my work. I need to envisage the work as a hole, rather than uploading it to this learning log.