Photographic Purpose

Last weekend, I used my DSLR for the first time in months. It had snowed for the first time in over a year and it was snowman-building quality snow! Therefore, my family and I ventured out to have a snowball fight, build a snowman and make snow-angels.

Due to us rarely having that much snow in England, I decided to take my DSLR with me. Before then, I have been relying on my iPhone to take photos. After all, it’s a fairly decent camera, is with me pretty much all of the time, and it will automatically archive my photos to iPhoto. Why would I drag my heavy DSLR camera around with me, with its necessary lenses etc? Well, I suppose on this occasion I wanted to zoom in and get some close-ups of my children having fun in the snow. Also, I wanted to take control of the white balance to avoid a blue tinge to my photographs. 

Over these last few months I had become disillusioned about taking photographs. I was just adding to sea of images that are taken every second. Would I ever have the time to look through these photographs again and again?  

As I progress through this digital photography course, I am surprised to find myself wanting to print my photographs out. I hadn’t expected that when I first set out. After producing a photo book for my second assignment, I have thought more about taking photos in order to create my own books. I now have a purpose for taking photographs.