Politically Correct

Stefan Rousseau was named as the 2018 Press Photographer of the Year at the Society of Editors Press Awards. It was his photographs of the Westminster terrorist attack that won him the award.

He first came to my attention when I was looking for ideas for my critical review. After completing my Coalition project for Assignment 1, I was motivated to explore political photography and satire further. Some of the most memorable political images were taken by Rousseau. When I began discussing possible ideas with my tutor, I wanted to consider how the photographer is able to manipulate the meaning of the image by deciding on when to press the shutter button, angle of view and choice of framing. For example, Rousseau’s photograph of a school girl with her head on the table, whilst reading with David Cameron (Below) featured in the press with its obvious association with Cameron boring the girl.

However, this was not the only image the Rousseau took. For example, another photograph shows the girl smiling, suggesting that she’s enjoying reading with David Cameron (Below).


In reality, any photograph is at risk of being misinterpreted in order to serve a particular point of view. Therefore it could be argued that no photograph can be believed. This is something that I would like to develop further, considering whether any images can be believed. I will also look online to see if alternative versions of photographs have been used for unscrupulous reasons.