The final shot from my DSLR

The final shot from my DSLR

It wasn’t meant to end like this. On a freezing wet day at the end of August, I was photographing my son’s football team. I was using my Canon 7D, which I have been using since it was released way back in 2009. Despite the torrential rain, I was confident that my camera would cope due to its weather sealing - one of its selling points for sports photographers. 

However, half way through the match it stopped working. When I uploaded the images from the memory card, the photo above was the last one. I must have accidentally pressed the shutter, whilst holding it.  After uploading the images, I did try to use it again, but there was a loud pop and then not even the lcd would light up.

It was a significant moment for me, because I had bought this camera when I had started studying with the OCA 10 years ago. It has helped me through most of my modules, photographed weddings, birthdays, and Christmases. When I had first bought it, I would have expected my last image with it to have been something spectacular, not a blurry accidental shot of some grass!

Now, I need another camera! Or do I? Until my son had started playing football, I had rarely used my 7D. The telephoto zoom, and high number of frames per second, gave it a significant advantage. However, I tend to use my iPhone or point and shoot camera, due to their conveniently small size.