Selfies. Are you for Real?


Seconds after Sergio Ramos lifted the Champions League trophy, following Real Madrid's 4-1 victory over Juventus, he was holding a selfie stick to capture the moment (above). At first, this seems very bizarre, considering that the match is the most televised sporting event in the world. I'm sure he could ask someone to record it for him! It would appear as though the prize for Ramos is the up-close and personal recording on the podium, rather than holding the trophy. Unfortunately this inability to 'be present in the present' is all too familiar, with people transfixed at themselves on a small LCD screen, rather than fully experiencing the moment. I find this detachment from reality very worrying, since we're becoming desensitised from our surrounding environment. People are so used to being glued to their phone or tablet, that the only way they can participate in an event is to view themselves within a screen, by taking a selfie. 'If it's not photographed, then it didn't happen and I wasn't there,' kind of mentality. 

We live in an age of self-promotion. Digital cameras are so versatile, with very good image quality, that there isn't the need to rely on photographs from a third party. It would seem that it is much more beneficial to be in control of what is or isn't photographed. Furthermore, you have full control and rights over those images, which you can then distribute them in whatever way you please. You are in control of what is real, and what you don't feel is worth remembering.