Show Stopper

And the award for 'the most embarrassing mistake at an awards ceremony,' goes to....the Oscars!

As the 89th Academy Awards evening progressed, no one could have envisaged the drama that would unfold on the stage. The Oscars have always been considered to be the ultimate in perfection. The red carpet, the fashion statements, the glitz and the glamour, and of course the shining lights of Hollywood.

After watching the shortlisted films, the only thing that Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway needed to do was open an envelope and read out the name of the 'best picture'. Simple enough, if they'd been handed the correct envelope. Despite the highest of standards and attention to detail, it was the hosts who lost the plot, with Faye Dunaway announcing La La Land as the winner. However it wasn't until the cast and crew were making their acceptance speeches that the error was made public and the award rightfully given to 'Moonlight'.

The iconic imagery associated with the Oscars and the simple chain of events, made this an ideal context for creating a photo montage. The image above has been created from six separate images. I wanted the final image to allude to both La La land and Moonlight. Therefore, I started with this image (left) which was used to promote La La Land.

The second image (right) had been widely circulated around the Internet. It showed the audience's reaction to the fiasco on stage. An audience full of famous faces. I positioned as if they were sat watching Mia and Sebastian dancing. 

Then, I chose an image of the moon and positioned it over the lamppost, as a reference to 'Moonlight', the film that won the award. The way the arms of the dancers were positioned led me to think of the Oscar statue being dropped and the card for the real award winner being held (below). 


Finally, I copied the 'N' from the title LA LA LAND and pasted it over the two L's, to create NA NA LAND. This was to refer to 'Na', meaning not applicable. In other words the award for best picture did not apply to La La Land. 

Assignment 2: The archive

Assignment 2: The archive

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