Jesse wants a new haircut.


At first glance, it is difficult to know which of the two images of Jesse Lingard is a photograph. Computer-generated images are so realistic nowadays, it is not surprising that this type of problem has arisen. If images can be created so accurately, they may come a time when cameras are no longer needed. Graphics are so realistic that there might not be a need in the future to send a photographer out, when the ideal image can be made on screen. 

However, it does raise the issue of image rights when creating a representation of a person. Also, what are the responsibilities of the image creator once it is out in the public domain.

At one level, it could be argued that the collection of pixels are not real, and would not exist without the screen. However, by being placed within a game-based scenario, the character becomes life-like. As computer generated imagery becomes more prevalent, it will be interesting to see what responsibilities will need to be granted for creators and what rights there are for the sprites.