Glitch it Good

In her article, Mallika Roy discusses the emergence of the glitch art phenomenon and how it relates to our culture. She conveniently summaries the different ways of producing glitch art. These include:

  • circuit-bending - retiring or altering the circuit in a device.

  • data-bending - opening files in a program which was designed for another file type.

  • data-moshing - intentionally losing data through file compression.

  • Z-fighting - weaving multiple layers together to create on layer.

I tried out a number of these different techniques. Some were more successful than others, depending on the file type being used. 

Roy (2014) explains that glitch art’s roots can be traced back to Dadaism and punk.  These ideologies suit the deliberate corruption of materials.   


Roy, M (2014) Glitch it Good: Understanding the Glitch Art Movement. The Periphery Dec 2014 [Accessed 26/10/18]