Japanese Stab Binding

Whilst talking through my ideas for Assignment 2, my tutor recommended Japanese stab binding as a way of producing a book for my photographs. This idea really appealed to me, however it was something I had overlooked previously, due to the numerous online tools for creating photo books. It had never occurred to me that I could make my own. 

Online publishers, such as Blurb, make it very convenient and obvious to use them, especially when they have plugins for software such as Adobe Lightroom. However, now that I want to include acetate pages in my book, I will need to make it myself. 

My tutor had suggested Japanese stab binding.  I had never heard of it before. After researching more about it online, I liked the bespoke nature of the finished product. It gave the book a ‘one-off’ feel, rather than one made using an online publisher.  

There are a number of Japanese stab binding video guides, such as the one below. I watched a few of them, to get a good idea of what the method involved.  

After watching the videos, it appears to be quite a simple process. It is something that I want to try for this assignment.