The artist as archivist

Ever since I started studying photography with the OCA, I have been taking less photographs. This is the opposite to what I had expected to happen. One reason for this is because I am more selective about what photographs I need to take. After all, I once I return home, I know I will need to download, edit and store them. 

Another reason is that I am very aware that hundreds of those photographs will never be viewed again. So what is the point in taking them in the first place? 

Perhaps one of the positive aspects of social networking is that these images are able to exist and viewed much more freely than if they were kept in an external hard drive. My archive on Facebook enables my family and friends to view photographs of key events whenever they like. They can also tag themselves in those images. Furthermore, features such as Timehop remind me of photographs taken ‘on this day’ a few years that I would have forgotten about. 

Photographs are more likely to be displayed on a Facebook wall than the wall in a home. Past photos enable to viewer to reflect on their past experiences and a reminder of other significant people in their lives. At the moment, the majority of my photographs are stored digitally, which makes it difficult for my two young sons to refer back to. Therefore I am planning to print more of those photographs and put them into albums. However, there are so many photographs to go’s going to take a while!