Berlin-based artist Michel Lamoller had developed a way of layering time-lapse photographs to create either a sculpture or a new 2D image.  

Lamoller's subjects melt into their surroundings, with only certain parts of them remaining visible. He takes around 10 photographs of a particular place, with each photograph showing a particular change in the scene. These changes could include a person wearing different clothes or disappearing from the scene (below).


After he has taken the photographs, Lamoller prints them out and layers them from oldest at the bottom of the pile to the newest on top. He then uses a scalpel to cut into the images to create patterns. Throughout the finished artwork, parts of every layer can be seen. Lamoller has condensed the time of one place into one image. 

Whilst there is a considerable amount of time and effort taken to produce these images, I think that Lamoller could explore how he could alter his compositions to create a passing sense of time. For me the images are too static. It is as if he is revealing layers of a particular time and place. Maybe he could include 'clues' for the viewer to indicate the passing of time. His faces capes and bodyscapes remind me of the type of cross-sectional illustrations that you might find in a medical textbook. Once again, that makes me think of a specific point in time. 

However, this is a technique that I would like to explore further. I could possibly develop it for my first assignment.  

More of Michel Lamoller's work can be found on his website.