Berlin-based artist Michel Lamoller had developed a way of layering time-lapse photographs to create either a sculpture or a new 2D image.  

Lamoller's subjects melt into their surroundings, with only certain parts of them remaining visible. He takes around 10 photographs of a particular place, with each photograph showing a particular change in the scene.

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A slightly different approach.

During the summer holiday, I have had time and space to think more about my route through this course. In previous courses I have systematically worked my way through my course file. This approach meant that I didn't always have the time or opportunity to develop my ideas at a greater depth. However, this time around I have several ideas about different points in the course, which are continually developing. With so many different ideas whizzing around, I thought it best to jot some of them here, before I forget them!

Assignment 1

It has taken me a while to decide on a theme for this task. It is quite open ended, which creates an almost infinite amount of possibilities. After looking at the work of John Stezaker, I would like to follow that line of enquiry, as mentioned in the assignment guidance. 

At the moment, there is a lot of upheaval in the world of politics. At home. Theresa May has clung on to power, whilst Trump and Macron have been elected to the top job, without any prior political experience. These are uncertain times at the moment, involving unpredictable personalities. Therefore, I have decided to combine the faces of political adversaries for part 1. 

For part 2, I would like to try something more closer to home.

Assignment 2 

My initial idea was to collate photographs of people ignoring others, unaware o their surroundings, whilst using their digital devices. This is a very current issue at the moment. One idea is to blur the area surrounding the person preoccupied with their handheld device. Now that I've had time to think about this further, I would like to hide QR codes within the images. When scanned, the viewer would then be able to see the full image clearly. This will present some technical challenges for me, but  by thinking ahead, I have enough time to try to work it out.

Assignment 3 

There are a choice of questions for the critical review. At the moment, I would like to explore the issue about the 'digital self', so that this helps me to develop my understanding of digital identity. I am wondering if I can refine the question further to focus specifically on selfies. 

I plan to expand on these ideas further in future blog posts.  


Maggie May


An idea for my first assignment is to create composite images of politicians. With the current issues surrounding Brexit, there are some comparisons being made between Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher, especially since they are the only female British Prime Ministers.

In the above image, I have used Photoshop to merge and create a composite image of the two politicians.