Assignment 6: Pre-assessment tutorial

During my tutorial for my fifth assignment, my tutor and I discussed how I would present my work for assessment. Now that I have completed the course, it is very satisfying to look back through my work to see how far I’ve come during this module. Overall, there doesn’t appear to be much that I need to change. I agree with my tutor’s view that my work is very much at an experimental stage, due to the very nature of the photography that I have produced. This is very much like the current nature of digital photography. It is continually evolving and reinventing itself.

Almost ten years ago, I began studying photography with the Open College of the Arts. At the very start, I was encouraged to ‘find my voice’ and develop my own photographic style. As my studies have progressed, I believe I am closer to achieving this. However, the ever-evolving nature of photography has meant that I have had to adapt and refine my own practice.

Digital Image and Culture has enabled me to address how images can be created, manipulated and distributed in the digital-age. By reviewing my assignments and coursework, I can see what motivates me and my photography. I am fascinated by the fragility of the digital images which we faithfully upload to servers and clouds. Our digital family albums consist of bits and bytes of data, which magically appear on the screens of our digital devices.

Throughout this course I have been very mindful of my assessment feedback for previous L2 Landscape course. The assessors had referred to the potential of my work being let down by its presentation. It was my first Level 2 course and I naively thought that I could submit samples in a similar fashion as I did at Level 1. Therefore, I am going to consider my submission for this assessment much more carefully.

Since my course officially finished in December, I won’t be able to submit my work for the next assessment event in March. Therefore, I have chosen the July assessment date instead. This will give me enough time to prepare my work properly.

Assignment 1: Coalition  

Since the first part of this assignment was to create composite images from printed photographs, I will present these as the original pieces of artwork. There is also an animated gif, which I will need to slow down. For the second part of this assignment, I will print a large version of the digitally manipulated images of my son.

Assignment 2: Contactless

This was the first photo book that I had ever made. It enabled me to also explore the use of different materiaIs and their qualities. Using transparent sheets enabled me to communicate on a much deeper level than just opaque paper. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, but acknowledge my tutor’s view that the images are very close to the gutter. He has advised that I submit it as it is for assessment, since I have learnt from my mistakes by producing a photo book for my 5th assignment.

Assignment 3: Critical Review

My essay will be printed and uploaded to the G Drive, ready for assessment. I have made all of the formatting changes that my tutor recommended.

Assignment 4: Digital Identities

This assignment was a transitional moment for me. The images that I produced for this assignment were not used for Assignment 5. However, I will provide the assessors with a sample of the images that I produced, since they illustrate the development of my ideas.

Assignment 5: Glitched

A photo book of glitched images, with QR code links to related online images. My tutor has suggested that some pages have too many images on. I did this to represent the many pixels which make up each image. However, my tutor’s feedback has made me question myself about this. It is still possible to identify aspects of the original photographs, when looking at all of the constituent parts. In order to stress how a new piece of artwork can be produced by being ‘glitched’, I will choose one image to represent each glitched photograph. These will be presented as a photo book, with the QR code linking to the online images. The camera app on any smart phone should be able to view the QR-coded image, without the need to download any app.

Learning Log

Following earlier tutor feedback, I have reorganised my blog. Therefore, I need to ensure all tags and categories correctly direct the assessors, and other visitors, to the correct content.