Exercise 1.3

Task: Use readily available images to make a short narrative series of four to six collages based on a recent or contemporary news event. 

A year after Britain chose to leave the European Union, and Article 50 triggered, it seems as though no-one really knows what it will involve. Ever since David Cameron decided to call a referendum, Brexit has featured in the news. Both Leave and Remain campaigns denounced each others' claims and the main political parties have been divided. David Cameron stepped down, Theresa May replaced him, and announced that David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox would oversee Britain's Brexit negotiations. 

The collages below are my interpretation of some of the issues surrounding Brexit.   

EU flag painted out.jpg
The Three Brexiteers

The Three Brexiteers


Berlin-based artist Michel Lamoller had developed a way of layering time-lapse photographs to create either a sculpture or a new 2D image.  

Lamoller's subjects melt into their surroundings, with only certain parts of them remaining visible. He takes around 10 photographs of a particular place, with each photograph showing a particular change in the scene.

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Exercise 1.2: Through a digital lens

In 1964, Belgian surrealist, RenĂ© Magritte, painted 'The Son of Man' (below, left). It is a portrait of a man in a bowler hat, red tie and dark blue overcoat.  He is standing in front of a low wall, which holds back the sea in the background. Overhead is a cloudy sky. The most distinctive feature of this oil painting is the green apple, which partly obscures the subject's face. His left eye can just be seen peering at the viewer from behind the fruit. The title, 'Son of Man', together with the apple, give the work of art a religious reference to Adam in the Garden of Eden.

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