Assignment 5: Response to tutor feedback

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Assignment 5 had been very challenging because it was very much an open brief, based on the course content. However, I enjoyed the creative experience of starting from scratch and developing an idea. I don't think I could have even contemplated producing this work two years ago. My tutor's feedback has helped me to realise how far my photography has come since starting this landscape module. In many ways this was more than just one assignment. It has been a culmination of ideas and techniques that I have developed over the course.

My tutor was very pleased with how I had used GIFs to merge multiple images. I am glad that this method has been successful, after choosing not to produce a slideshow. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and creative possibilities of layering images. This is something that I am very keen to develop as part of my own style. Therefore, I am hoping to study Level 2: Digital Image and Culture next because it includes projects that involve photomontage. 

During my time with the OCA, 'takes risks' is something that has always eluded me. I have found it difficult to translate this into my own photographic practice. However, now that my tutor believes that this work shows that I 'take risks with many imaginative and successful outcomes, strong evidence of personal voice'. I believe that I have been able to achieve this by having a greater understanding of the work of other practitioners, and that I develop my ideas whilst out taking photographs, instead of sticking rigidly to a brief.