Assignment 6: Response to tutor feedback

Click here for tutor feedback.

Having completed my final assignment, and received my tutor feedback, it seems like the ideal time to reflect on my learning over the last 2 years.  

Ever since I began studying with the OCA, two elements of photographic practice that I had never quite achieved were: taking risks and finding my own voice. However, over the course of this module, I have been successful in achieving this. Whilst I was working through my level 1 modules, I had always wanted to get to study landscape photography. It had always been my intention to discover 'the secret' to taking a good landscape photograph.  

Fieldwork culminated in a photo book, which my tutor believed showed a strong voice. The images I had created represented a familiar subject in a different way. I had taken risks, and by doing so, enabled my 'voice' to be heard. This has encourage me to explore more possibilities in the future, pushing the limits of my own ability. 

I would like to think that the contrast between my first exercise and this assignment illustrates just how far my own concept of landscape photography has come. From a traditional picturesque view of a field, to a wider range of images and perspectives. 

At the moment, I am thinking of studying Digital Image and Culture next. This will enable me to continue and develop my work on multiple exposures and animated gifs.