Assignment 4: Response to tutor feedback

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My fourth assignment has been by far the most difficult one I have had to complete. If a picture really is worth a thousand words, then I'd only need two to fulfil the word count for the Critical Review! 

Having just received my tutor feedback, I thought it would be a good time to write this post. The New Topographics was an aspect of landscape photography that I was really interested in, because I had never heard of it before starting this course. The fact that there was a conflict of views about what a landscape photograph should look like, really appealed to me. in addition to this, I liked the geometric style and emptiness that was characteristic of the New a Topographic genre. 

Due to the word limit, I realised that I had to focus my review on a specific aspect, so I decided to choose one of the ten photographers who exhibited at the George Eastman House, in Rochester, New York. Having recently bought Frank Gohlke's book: 'Thoughts on Landscape', it was evident that there was a lot of literature about his work, which would make it easier to research. I also liked Gohlke's square-cropped compositions and minimalistic style. Therefore I decided to review Frank Gohlke's photography since the New Topographics exhibition. 

Despite being worried how to write my critical review, my tutor really liked how I had placed Frank Gohlke's work within what was happening elsewhere in the photography world. The only thing I have needed to change is the title. I had called it: Has Man altered Frank Gohlke's view of landscape photography since the New Topographics exhibition? The Question was a direct reference to the New Topographics exhibition title, Photographs of a Man-altered landscape. However, my tutor felt that the title, 'How has Frank Gohlke's view of landscape photography altered since the New Topographics exhibition?', would be much clearer. This may have explained why, at first, I found it difficult to plan my review clearly. 

My tutor aso liked how I had referenced my own work within the review. I have come to realise that our own photography contributes to a wider pool of work, that inspires others and incorporates aspects of others' creativity. Now that I have completed this part of the course, I can now focus on the next section. Before now I was holding back because I was unsure whether I would have to rewrite some of it.