Exercise 1.5: Visualising Assignment 6

Ever since I signed up for this course, I have been thinking of where to base this assignment on. It has to be somewhere that is accessible, easy to reach and have clear signs of transition. During a walk along a local public footpath, I went across a farmer's field. It was late summer, and the wheat crop was waist high. It was a place that I had never been to before, and I was curious to find out what happens there throughout the year. A farmer's field should have very clear transitions, from sowing seeds to harvesting. 

At the moment I have no clear plan to the frequency of photographing. I think this will be dependent on what I find there and how the assignment progresses. It will also depend on the weather. Furthermore, I want to avoid cliched seasonal images.  

Due to the number of images needed and considering how layout would support the transition theme, I think photo book would be an ideal outcome. Therefore I also need to spend time looking at other photo books and identifying an appropriate software to publish it.