Exercise 4.1: Critical Review Proposal

Has man altered Frank Gohlke's view of landscape photography, since the New Topographics exhibition?

American, Frank Gohlke, is credited with being one of ten previously up-and-coming photographers who collectively re-invented the landscape genre. Their work was exhibited under the umbrella term 'New Topographics'. Whilst little attention was given to the actual exhibition, ever since then it has been credited with re-inventing the landscape genre. Having played such an integral part in this reinvention of landscape photography, Frank Gohlke's work, since then, will be reviewed to determine whether his own view of landscape photographic practice has altered its course over the years. 

In order to achieve this, I will first discuss the New Topographics movement and how it relates to Frank Gohlke's photography. After that I will consider how, or if, his work has altered and why.