Exercise 4.6: Proposal for the self-directed project

Brief:  Write a project proposal for the self-directed project for Assignment 5.  

This project has evolved from a number of influences:

  • the photomontage / multiple exposure techniques that I learnt from producing Assignment 3.
  • researching Frank Gohlke's response to natural disasters such as the eruption of Mount St Helens.


Project brief: Do we manage the environment, or do natural events dictate what we are able to do? Recent flooding in the north west of England has highlighted the vulnerabilities of communities, and raises questions about how we should 'manage' the environment.

Within the space between urban and rural, there exists a gradual degradation of the existing environment. Natural destruction versus human consumption. Whether it be overgrown wasteland or new housing developments, these 'edgelands' are endangered. This project will address both sides of this battle ground.  

Influences and research: Edgelands


Likely treatment: Double exposures of rural and urban images together. 

Potential outcome: A reversible photo book will be produced that illustrates both sides. 

Budget/resources: Photoshop 

Estimated schedule: 3 months