Exercise 5.3: Print-on-demand mock-up

Task: Familiarise yourself with a print-on-demand application and experiment with a book design.  

For my final assignment, I have decided to produce a photo book. Whilst I have been compiling images of the field, I have been saving them in Adobe Lightroom.  The software also has a Blurb plugin, which enables you to create a photo book. This option makes the workflow so much easier, because the images are easily accessible, so you can experiment with different images without having to upload each one individually outside the software. It also means that if a photo needs to altered slightly for the page, then you can make the necessary changes quickly in Lightroom. It was this functionality that appealed to me. Having such a powerful photo management and editing software linked to Blurb makes such good sense.

In addition to this, the design and layout options seemed to be sufficient and easy to alter. There is also the option of uploading your own pdf to Blurb for those who want a much more bespoke product. However, since time (or lack of it!) always seems to be an issue, then using Blurb with Lightroom offers a professional looking solution to publishing photographs.

Despite this, I suppose that the main concern should be what the quality of the finish is like for the book - the paper, image print and durability. 

The links to a PDF of the draft front cover and page layouts are below: 

Draft cover

Draft book