Exercise 5.5: Create a slideshow

Task: Create a slideshow and write a brief evaluation of your work, commenting on how appropriate and effective you think this medium is for presenting your photographs.

A slideshow was one possible outcome for my fifth assignment, so this exercise was a good opportunity to experiment with the images that I wanted to use for it. I used Adobe Lightroom to create the slideshow (below) and then uploaded it to Youtube, so that I could embed the file on my blog. 


Adobe Lightroom offers a few options for adding text and transitions. These can also be altered to suit the needs of the photographer. For example, the length of time it takes to transition between slides, and the style of font. Music can also be added to the slideshow. 

A slideshow enables the photographer to direct the viewer through a series of images, rather than them selecting particular images on a website. They have to  sit there for the duration, which can be beneficial, because they might see images that they wouldn't have clicked on. However, if the slideshow is too long, then they might become disinterested and click on another page.

At 2:12 minutes, I feel that my slideshow is the right length. It shows a series of multiple exposure for my 'Consume Assignment'.  I used a cross-fade transition to fit in with the merging of two exposures. 

Unfortunately, I don't think that a slideshow is the best method of presenting these images, because there isn't a linear narrative. Each pair of images that have been used for each double exposure have their own story to tell. If I was documenting a journey, such as a photowalk linked to psychogeography, then a slideshow might be a good way of expressing the photographer's experience from start to finish, including sounds for each image.

Initially, I had the aim of using this exercise to try out a possible way of presenting my fifth assignment. With more time, I'd like to explore more possibilities with using slideshows - possibly being more appropriate for Assignment 6 and the idea of transition. 

Nevertheless, this exercise has enabled me to think more about how to present my fifth assignment, exploring the idea of mini-narratives for each pair of images. I have started to research the use of cinemagraphs and animated gifs in photography.