New territory

Having received my course folder this week, I finally got some time to read through the introduction. This is my first Level 2 module and already I have noticed and increase in my own expectations. Level 1 was based on acquiring a technical and compositional competence, whereas Level 2 would appear to involve a deeper knowledge and understanding of the course content and beyond. 

Usually when I'm in WHSmith I would buy a photography magazine. Sometimes it would be 'Digital Photo' or Amateur Photographer'. However, this time I found myself buying a copy of 'Aesthetica' magazine instead. Although I haven't read it yet, I'm hoping to discover more about current, contemporary photography. 

I am really excited about entering this new territory. Everybody has their own view about art, and I'm hoping that magazines such as Aesthetica will broaden my horizons and help challenge my own understanding of landscspe photography.