Pep Ventosa

If there ever was a photographer whose work could finally ascertain that photography is art, then  Catalonian born photographer, Pep Ventosa, could be considered to be the one. He has a very distinctive style, photographing a particular object, such as a tree or lamp, in various locations, or photographing around a subject, such as a carousel. He then adjusts and overlays each image, to create a unique view, a new reality. 

Pep Ventosa explains that he wanted to:

see what happens if you overlay the resulting images of the walk into a single one, an image that compresses the subject and its environment into a single picture (Sekoff, 2012).

Once you understand his workflow, it enables you to see more within his photographs. I like the concept of being able to capture more than one moment in time. Within each image there are many moments, an amalgamation of colours and shapes. There is a balance and symmetry in each image. Each one chosen to add to the rhythm. 

It is similar to a composite image that I created at the end of my second assignment. Whilst my finished image contained all of the elements that I wanted, Ventosa's technique adds a further dimension to the work. I like how there is a particular methodology. This idea of creating a composite image over time makes sense for my transitions assignment. It is something that I will bear in mind as I revisit and photograph my chosen location.



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