Taking in the view

When I first decided to study towards a photography degree with the OCA, the Landscape module was one of the ones that I  was looking forward to doing the most. In many ways the previous units were a means to getting to this point. Whilst on my learning journey, the Art of Photography has enabled me to understand composition and the technicalities of taking a photograph. Following that, Digital Photographic Practice taught me how to process photographs in the digital darkroom. Most recently People and Place has enabled me to consider how people interact with places and how they are defined.

Now that I have finally arrived at Level 2: Landscape, I am already wondering about what I will do next. I've nearly really thought about beyond Landscape. I suppose I have got two years before I need to make that decision, so I am intrigued to learn where this new module will take me.

When I first started with the OCA, Landscape was a completely different course. It has now been re-written and refreshed, with what appears to be a lot of relevance to photography today. I enjoy being outdoors and I look forward to where this course will take me.

My initial aims for studying Level 2: Landscape photography are:

  1. To succeed at this higher level of study.
  2. To increase my own knowledge of landscape photographers.
  3. To develop my own style of landscape photography.

As I progress with this course I expect these aims will change/develop. Therefore I intend to refer back to this initial post as a basis for my own development.