Terry Evans

Terry Evans is an American photographer (b. 1944) who focuses her camera on the American Midwest landscape and it's people. She has a vast array of images in her portfolio, ranging from aerial views to portraiture. Evans uses her photography to help her to understand our relationship to the world, 'to know where we fit in relationship to everything else in the world'. This has led to her studying how the land is used in the vast rural stretches of North America, including the interplay between human development and the force of nature.

Meet Me at the Trinity

Where West Fork goes under Interstate 35-West, Trinity River, March 6, 2014. Terry Evans

The photograph above is taken from Terry Evans' project, 'Meet Me at the Trinity'. The work was commissioned by the Amon Carter Museum of Art, Fort Worth, Texas. The intention was to photograph the connection between the Trinity River and the people who use it. This brief appealed to Evans, who states that: 

What interests me most is the relationship between people and their local land and landscape. How to photograph these connections is my most satisfying challenge.

'Meet Me at the Trinity' was the culmination of five visits to Fort Worth, between July 2013 and May 2014. During her first visit, Evans despaired at the lack of picturesque photo opportunities at what is such an engineered and industrialised river. Fortunately for Evans, it was looking at the high viewpoint taken by Philip Pearlstein, when painting his subjects, that made her realise the possibilities of photographing from a higher vantage point. From then on, she looked for various opportunities to take photographs by standing on picnic tables, or above people sitting (below). This enables Evans to create stories from an aerial perspective. 

Picnic, Trinity River, July 4, 2013. Terry Evans

Terry Evans technique has made me realise that I need to consider my own relationship to the scenes that I will be photographing for assignment 5. The viewpoint that I take will influence the relationship between the images in the sequence.