The Space Between

As austerity continues to bite and eat away at the public finances, there is plenty of evidence that illustrates the current hardships people face. This can be seen in the vacant, boarded up houses and derelict landscape in Paul Alexander Knox's photographs. His 'The Space Between' illustrates the impact of the 2008 financial crisis in the North East of England. 

What once were family homes, now lie empty in a state of limbo. Their previous occupants were forced to leave due to the property crash. Paradoxically, there is a housing shortage which is preventing many people from getting on the property ladder. 

These spaces between, in Alexander Knox's images, show bare, desolate landscapes with roads that lead to nowhere. This is a metaphor for the lack of prospects for those who used live on those streets. 

In my fifth assignment, I am planning to identify places which exist on the interface between urban and rural. I am aware that I need to consider the context for each image and what it is going to say.