What a day in Glenveagh

Nestled in the north west corner of Ireland, Donegal, Glenveagh National Park is a wild wilderness of glens, loughs, mountains and woodland. 

It was the perfect setting to begin looking for possible photographs for my first assignment, beauty and sublime. Instead of looking for 'the image' I went there with an open mind.

For anyone thinking of visiting there, I'd recommend taking advantage of the shuttle bus that takes you to the castle. From there I walked on, along Lough Veagh, towards the waterfall.  

The shore is lined with twisting trees that stretch up from the rugged landscape towards the water. 

The unusual mossy boulders and barren landscape made it a unique setting, which could be considered to be both beautiful and sublime.

Being one of the main features of Glenveagh, I concentrated on the shape and position of the trees. Whilst looking for possible scenes, I started to question how much of a view I needed to include for it to be considered a 'landscape' photograph. Furthermore, I started to wonder whether closer viewpoints could be considered sublime, due to the angle of view and shape of the trees. 

I am looking forward to reviewing these images, to see if they illustrate beauty and sublime.