What matters?

With one seller advertising Land Matters, by Liz Wells for just over £6,500, it seemed like a book worth reading! However I decided to go for the £11 Kindle edition!

I'm not usually one for reading the acknowledgments at the beginning of a book, but the exorbitant price tag has intrigued me to read every word!

It is at the start of her book that Wells explains her interest in landscapes and how her own life has taken her on a journey through many different settings. It was whilst reading this, that I thought back to an earlier post, where I attempted to explain why I was keen to study this module. Now after reading the first couple of pages by Wells, I feel I need to think deeper about my motivation for studying landscape photography. 

Having been brought up in the land-locked Midlands, I spent my childhood camping and running crosscountry races. To be out and about in the countryside enabled me to sense the beauty of nature's also how it can be practical. That you can experience a variety of different thoughts and feelings about a place, depending on the season, time of daybed weather conditions. You could return to the same spot and it would evoke earlier memories, or it would enable you to formulate new ones. 

As the pace of life increases and technology dominates how we interact, being able to get out and about is an opportunity to be disconnected from the world wide web and reconnect the wider world. Landscape photography enables me to slowdown, think and reflect.