Assignment 2: Feedback

My tutor's feedback for my second assignment was very positive and it was reassuring to know that I'm heading in the right direction towards assessment. Technically my photographs are working well, but I need to develop my own personal viewpoint. This reminds me of my initial reason for wanting to study photography with the OCA, that I want my photographs to say something. My tutor has enabled me to realise that I need to put more of myself into my photographs.
Working systematically through the course file can lead to producing images that fit the brief at a fairly basic level. My second assignment fitted the brief by illustrating activities at a summer fair, but they could have said so much more. Martha Sandweiss referred to this as:

The capacity of photographs to evoke rather than tell, to suggest rather than explain, makes them alluring material...

I need to delve further into my photographic study to find examples of other photographers and think of issues that I could explore.

As I am about to start Part 3: Buildings and Spaces, I am already getting myself worked up about what to do for my third assignment. Instead I need to approach this with an open mind and see where my studying takes me.