Assignment 4 feedback

This assignment was something that I struggled to really get a grasp of. Capturing a sense of place involves just the right balance of people and place, and I got it wrong this time. 

I had around 50 images of Bergen to choose from, but with it being my first time there I was caught up photographing as a tourist, instead of a photographer solely meeting an editor's brief. On reflection my photographs capture all the elements of Bergen, but as my tutor said, they miss the mark. I decided to review the other photographs that I took during my time in Norway and realised that I probably had better images from other places. I had taken a lot of photographs in Flam, which has managed to retain it's character, despite the commercial pressures of it's popularity as a cruise destination.

Below are the images I would have used for my fourth assignment.

I have also created an alternative assignment 4 that I would have submitted with these images.

In preparation for my fifth assignment I need to consider the images I will submit much more carefully. I also need to take more photographs so that I can have a wider variety of images to choose from.