Buildings and spaces.

As I start Part 3: Buildings and spaces, I find myself halfway through People and Place. After mainly concentrating on the 'people' part of the course during the first two projects, I now need to also consider the place / space people inhabit, and the relationship between the two.

Whilst my tutor feedback has been very positive I am aware that I need to continue to push myself further. Having completed TAOP and DPP already I wonder how these courses will influence my work during People and Place. It would be interesting to compare the work of students who complete each course in a different order. During DPP I took a very planned and considered approach to my photography. I had an image in mind and went out to capture and process it. However, with People and Place I am realising that I can't assume that I will be able to capture the images I want for an assignment and that my brief my alter and be developed in response to what I am photographing at the time.

At the moment I am looking through the projects and assignment for Buildings and spaces, planning the types of locations I might want to visit. It was while I was out and about that I noticed how the buildings were reflected in puddles on the road, creating a disjointed sense of place. This is something I'd like to pursue further, either for a project, assignment or a personal project.