Cosmopolis Toronto

Photographer Colin Boyd Shafer has embarked on an ambitious personal project, Cosmopolis Toronto, to photograph an immigrant from every country in the world now living in Toronto. He is well an his way to completing this task, his 174th portrait subject originating from Burundi. Each participant is photographed in a space that they feel most at home and with an object that reminds them of their homeland. Each image ties together the journey of immigration and origin. It was funded by crowdsourcing site Indiegogo and Shafer is determined to complete the work by 15th May 2014.
Each portrait is supported by an interview with each immigrant, giving greater depth to each photograph and enabling the viewer to empathise with people who might not usually have an opportunity to tell their story and explain their reasons for migrating. Shafer's approach reminds me just how small the world is and how text can give greater meaning to an image which otherwise shows a picture of a stranger in a nice location.