New people, new places

Now that I've completed DPP I phoned the OCA to sign up for my next course today. The photography degree pathway requires me to complete 3 Level 1 courses. Having completed TAOP and DPP, I decided to start People & Place. In Level 2 I am planning to study Documentary and Landscape, so I intend to use P & P as giving me a foundation in these two aspects of photography. At the moment I am really looking forward to the 'place' part of this course, but am a little unsure about the 'people' part. I don't feel entirely comfortable with the idea of taking portraits and photographing people who I am a stranger to. Even as I am typing this I am thinking how bizarre this sounds, since the majority of photographs that we take are of people. For example the majority of images on Facebook are of people who can be tagged, and I'm often finding myself in situations where I am taking photos of people unfamiliar to me, such as at weddings. Part of my uncertainty is because I'm unsure of the 'right way' to take photos of people, in terms of setting up their posture etc. Hopefully P & P will give me lots of advice and techniques that I can employ.