Peter Bialobrzeski

My tutor suggested that I take a look at the work of a German photographer, Peter Bialobrzeski. He captures scenes that encapsulates the surrounding area with a particular subject. For example, in 'Nail Houses' derelict buildings that have almost collapsed and viewed surrounded by a lively, fresh new backdrop. In this project Bialobrzeski is referring to people who refuse to leave their run-down homes, despite the offer of somewhere more suitable.

Meanwhile, Heimat presents the viewer with an alternative view of 'home'. It addresses the notion that having a home doesn't mean being rooted to the spot. The people in theses images are indistinguishable and insignificant compared to the vast settings they appear in, from large beaches to towering mountain ranges.

On reflection, my images tend to zoom in to closely to the people in particular places. I need to vary my perspective and consider the wider picture. This is something I will bear in mind for my final assignment.