Project 16: Quiet places, busy places

Exercise: A single figure small

f/11   ISO 100   24mm   1/60

Ballycastle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Nearly two thirds of the image above is filled with a cloudy sky. I waited for a person to walk into the image on the left third, but making sure they weren't too central. The scale of the sky appears to dwarf the person further.

f/9.5   ISO 100   53mm   1/90

In contrast to the first image, the wintery photograph above consists of a dull grey sky and barren white landscape. The small reddish figure walking towards the left third of the frame is competing for attention with the large tree just off centre. If I had waited longer, until the figure was closer to the edge of the frame, then the viewers attention would have been drawn towards him against the white snow and grey foliage.  

Exercise: Busy traffic

The entire width of the image is lined with people, making the location appear to be busy. 

Using a portrait view I have tried to reinforce the escalators in the image.