Project 18: A matter of balance

Exercise: Balancing figure and space

Vary the balance in any one picture situation. Aim to produce two images, using the same general viewpoint and composition, varying the balance of attention between the person (or people) and the setting they are in.

1. The boy is running across the middle of the frame, but a lot of the setting is visible so he doesn't take up the view's full attention. Also, the boy is not looking at the camera, so again this gives less emphasis on the boy and enables the viewer to consider more of the child's surroundings. 

2. As opposed to the first image, the boy now fills a ledger proportion of the frame, towards the middle third, just off centre. He is running, facing towards the camera, which adds to the greater weight of attention on him instead of the setting. The football left on the ground signifies that something has happened to cause the boy to stop playing and come towards the viewer. Once again this adds greater weight to the boy.