Project 9: The moment

Exercise 10: Capturing the moment

Brief: Find a ‘comfortable’ situation. Concentrate on bursts of activity, from which you capture a ‘best’ moment. 

Face off. Both opposing players wait for the puck to be dropped in to start play. 

The key feature of a sports image is often when a player is shown to be in possession. The moment in this image is the Coventry Blaze (blue) player's hockey stick in contact with the puck. 

In such a fast-paced sport like ice hockey, sometimes it is easy to miss those moments when there is a pause in play. This moment shows a stand-off between two of the opposing players, which lasted hundredths of seconds. 

Again the moment here is having the puck in shot, with the Coventry Blaze player (blue) seen to have just released it to go up the rink.

As with lots of sporting events, there are often off-the-ball / puck moments which can easily be missed, but can be the most newsworthy items that need illustrating. The frenetic pace of ice hockey can create hot-headed instances when players lash out at each other. In this image the Belfast Giants (white) player's fist is in contact with his Coventry Blaze (blue) opponent.