Preparing for assignment 5

For my final assignment I have decided to base it on Derry - Londonderry. It's  the 'city of culture' status in 2013, a just reward for the way it has reinvented itself following its troubled past. During my own childhood, Northern Ireland was a regular news feature, for all the wrong reasons, but now it is a city that appears to be at peace with its past.

Echoes of Derry - Londonderry's history can be seen across the city. A city once divided, but now reconciled following the Good Friday Agreement, is a beacon of hope for those communities around the world who face conflict.

For this assignment I intend to document an 'untroubled' city, as opposed to the Troubles that were reported during my childhood. It is a city that I have had lots of opportunities to photograph and explore. Tourists flock to Derry - Londonderry to see the maiden city's struggle depicted in murals and sectarian symbols. These provide a backdrop for the everyday normality of people enjoying the peace.