The look for Facebook

In his blog Martin Parr questions the current obsession with people wanting to photograph their attendance at parties for the sole purpose of posting the images to their Facebook profile.

Young people need to fill their Facebook pages with ever more photos of them having a good time, with virtually everybody they know.

Martin Parr

Parr isn't interested in taking photos of people smiling and looking at the camera. He acknowledges that these portraits are necessary, but they shouldn't be the only type of photograph that people take. The fact that so many people take photographs of each other smiling at the camera within their social network reinforces this type of image as being appropriate and that any other type of photograph would look strange and out-of-place.

Facebook has become the photo album of the 21st century. It is where most people now store their images. It does concern me that one day the unthinkable may happen....Facebook may flop and then what happens to the photographs? The memories? The status updates?

The social networking arena is something that really interests me. It is the place where we view and share our images, while also tagging and captioning. The digital image is becoming a medium all of its own. I'm intrigued to find out where this technology will take us. Bitstrip is the latest craze to decorate Facebook profiles where users create comic strip images to go alongside status updates. It will be interesting to see if this will lead to less photos being uploaded. After all less is more, and maybe people will be more selective about the style and quality of the photographs that they upload.