The model photograph

© Michael Paul Smith

When you look at Michael Paul Smith's photographs you're taken back to a time reminiscent of yesteryear America. He has dedicated many hours photographing the quaint charm and detail of life from the place.

What is remarkable is the fact that Smith is photographing a place that doesn't exist! His photographs are produced from his imagination by creating intricate models, telling the story of how life used to be in the USA. The only clue to this facade is the lack of people in his images.

When you realise that the images are not real places it is understandable to question whether this is photography or a photograph of a piece of artwork. Smiths choice of camera angle and post-processing skills would lead the viewer to consider it to be photography. In some ways it is photo manipulation before the shutter button has even been pressed!

This ideal of place is an interesting concept. Photographers have complete control of all aspects of the image to portray a particular scene. This is a style of photography that I would like to investigate further.