Thinking about my last assignment.

With Assignment 4 almost completed and ready to send to my tutor, I've turned my attention to my 5th assignment. I want to explore different ideas and see where they take me for this final assignment. At the moment I'm over in Derry, Northern Ireland, and went out to take some photographs.

With so many current territorial problems in the world at the moment, international observers look to Ireland as a reminder to how troubles can be over come.  

It's also tourist season at the moment, so it's an ideal time to be out taking photographs, without looking conspicuous. 

Assignment 5 is an opportunity for me to apply everything I have learnt during People and Place. I tend to produce a piece of work that is well thought out and considered. I'm well aware that it is all too easy to fall into the tourist trap of taking photos of the obvious.  

I have learnt to take photographs using different lenses. I now photograph a place several times, each time using a different focal range. This enables me to focus my thoughts on what my images will say. It also gives me a chance to make sure I haven't missed anything.